At a young age, my grandmother taught me how to improve my handwriting but it came out to be a life long skill and my career. Art has always been a passion to me in many forms, from music, drawing, painting, and digital art.

I've been a professional tattoo artist for the last 7 years and I have broad range of styles. I don't like to "put myself in a box" when it comes to the style of tattoos. I tend to dabble in all styles that range from black and grey realism, bold American traditional pieces, watercolor, and everything in between. My favorite style is black and grey realism and I would love to tattoo more portraits, as I feel it would look great in my portfolio.

Tattooing continues to be a constant motivation in my life which helps me to improve my artistic abilities. What I love most about being a tattoo artist is working with new clients and artists who help me to perfect my craft.

Instagram: artbyjoshuameyers