I started my career in 2010 as a professional Tattooer, but my career as an artist started as a child. Life wasn't always so comforting back then so I found an escape in Comic Books and Art. Trying to mimic my favorite artist and Horror icons. I am very influenced by Horror movies and Monsters. 

I have always been creative by nature. Something about a blank canvas weather it be skin or an actual canvas just seems to center me. It's like no matter how my day is going when it's time to tattoo everything else just seems to dissolve away and I am forced to be in that moment. 

As far as tattooing goes I really enjoy doing Black and Grey Realism, dark imagery like skulls and Grim Reapers are always fun. I feel like these kind of images will never go out of style. I also really enjoy bright bold color realism like flowers and nature like sceneries. 

My goal as an Artist is to improve with every tattoo and expand my abilities. I try not to limit myself to one or two styles and attempt to dabble in all genres. I feel in today's Tattoo Industry it helps to be able to adapt to any style.